本周的讨论是是否应该强制接种疫苗。无非是有感而发嘲讽一下发达资本主义国家因为过敏,宗教和个人哲学等种种借口而不给小孩接种疫苗。意外得到了平时吹毛求疵的老师的赞扬,使用了excellent review, professionally written, reliable references等三连击,还说must-read by all classmates...让我只觉得他的教学风格过于不稳定。

Knowing that a significant number of parents blame vaccines for autism, I was deeply shocked by such bias which is not supported by any solid scientific researches.(1) Report said fewer kids are getting vaccinated due to the parents' concern of side effects(2), including the hypothetical connection with autism. Actually, scientists, medical experts and regulators are getting an agreement that most vaccines they made mandatory for children are considered very safe. Even there are little chance of side effect, the benefit of vaccines outweighs.

Herd immunity is another reason to push mandatory vaccination for the good of public health.(3) Vaccinated people becomes barrier in outbreaks preventing the diseases from spreading. But it works well only when most people in the community are vaccinated. It protects the public health in a general perspective but the unvaccinated people are still in danger. The mandatory vaccination has been working effectively in the United States for years therefore people do not realize that they are actually protected by herd immunity. When more and more people refuse to be vaccinated and even make the decision on behalf of their children, the diseases are easier to revive, spread, kill and survive. Hepatitis A outbreak reported in multiple states last year among homeless people, who were less likely vaccinated.(4) The majority of people who got infected in the recent US-based measles outbreak were unvaccined.(5) It affected mostly in those communities against vaccination. Now US has to commit to re-eliminate measles by 2020, after it was eradicated in 2000.

These outbreaks actually exemplified the importance of mandatory vaccination and herd immunity. It warned the parents who claimed non-medical school vaccine exemptions, diseases are obviously closer to their kids than the risks of vaccines.


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